celebating the day

stawberry shortcake cake for me....yeayy yeayy

wahhh..ada b'day presentss for me too..wow..

thankiuuu usu Aishah n uncle Q

kiss kiss kiss


Trip to OGDC

My Happy Raya Photoss

Snap Shot by Mummy

Mummy Little Sweetie

Jeling _ Jeling Manja Eerah

Part Time Model


1st Day of Hari Raya Celebration

1st day of Raya..went to Tutong ..Jumpa datuk..

Eh..My Loving Babah & Mummy..:)

Babah Janji bali kan PSP 4 Eerah..Remember???

My Cuzzie & Auntie2 Mudaa2..Ajar Eerah Main video Game

Eerah taking photo with kaka mimi.. :)

Sungkai at eXpress Aport